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1. Local Protection of Copyright.
Add information to your PowerPoint presentation for staff at the DesignMax company that summarises the following:
a) Procedures for staff to follow to provide evidence to substantiate the company's copyright of resources it develops.
b) Benefits to the company of registering with a copyright collecting society?
c) A list of the Copyright Collecting Societies relevant to
DesignMax's operations.
(Note that the style guide and logo to be used in your presentation can be obtained at the client's website,

2. International Protection of Copyright.
Prepare a memo for DesignMax staff using the subject title 'International Treaties to Protect Our Copyright', that explains the role of international copyright treaties.

3. Moral Rights.
Using the title, "Attribution of Moral Rights", post information on your 'Copyright Issues' blog site that will assist designers to understand the rights they have in relation to works they create.