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1. Subject website activities:
1. Note the details that are provided for each lesson viz. 'Overview', 'Objectives', 'Activity', 'References', and 'Discussion'.
2. Go to the subject's Assessment Section. Is it clear? Do you require further information?
3. Go the the subject's Learning Outcomes Section. Do you think they are relevant to your future/current employment?

2. Subject Blog activities:
1. Note the posted items and their links. Follow a link.
2. Note that you can post a comment for each entry. Go to a website and post a comment.
3. Note the links on the left-side of the screen to 'useful' websites.
4. Note the RSS feed link. What is an RSS feed?

3. Creative Problem Solving article activities
1. How can creative problem solving benefit the design of a digital media product?
2. What are four conceptual blocks that can keep you from solving problems creatively.
3. What are things you can do to overcome your conceptual blocks and enhance your creative problem solving skills?