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Concept Mapping Exercise.


Aim: To develop a concept map that graphically illustrates ideas for the concept of  "designing and developing a logo"  for a client.


1. Choose an Australian wed design or multimedia company using a WWW search engine.


2.  Develop three concepts for a logo design for the company.
Go to this site and examine the logo samples (note the 'see more samples' link)


3. For each concept, solo brainstorm ideas for the logo and then sort/organize your ideas into clusters/groups e.g. images, layouts, colours, etc. and rank and choose your preferred ideas from the groups.


4. For each concept draw/sketch a concept map to illustrate the ideas to be implemented to achieve the concept.


5. Use your concept maps to guide the preparation of sketches for your three logo designs.


6. Submit your concept maps and logo design sketches.