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V-Blogging: Exercise 2 Instructions


Objective: Create a movie for your blog using Windows Movie Maker. The movie will be a promotion for a product and will include a video clip of your summary of the product’s functions and a video clip of the product (e.g. flash drive, mobile phone, mp3 player etc.) identifying its main parts. The movie will also include title slides and transitions between the video clips.


Preparation: Write a short summary of the product’s functions and its main parts. Rehearse a presentation of what the product does and how it operates. Try to keep the presentation to less than two minutes.



1. Have a member of your team video your summary the product’s functions – what does it do?.


2. Video the product with your explanation of the product’s parts – how does it operate?


3. Import the ‘what does it do’ video into Movie Maker and drag it to the storyboard.


4. Import the ‘how does it operate’ video and drag it to the storyboard.

5. Check the videos’ sequence and reorder if necessary. Play both videos note unwanted scenes and trim if necessary.


6. Select the first video and insert a title for the beginning of the movie.


7. Select the second video and insert a title for this product section of the movie.

8. Add a title after the second video for the end of the movie.


9. Insert a transition effect between the two videos.


10. Save the movie in the format “Video for ISDN (48kbps)”. This will mean that the movie will not be high quality BUT you will have compressed the two videos by approximately 30x’s for quicker uploading to your blog.


11. Upload the movie to your blog and include a brief text explanation of the product and a hyperlink to the movie.