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1. Compression and codecs: Learn about compressing video files.
1.1 Why compress video files?
1.2 List 3 video file formats.
1.3 What factors determine bit rate selection?

2. Videoblogging: Exercise 1.
2.1 Read the tutorial 'How to videoblog on Windows'
2.2 Video an interview with a graphic designer and upload the video to your blog.

3. Videoblogging: Exercise 2.
Follow these instructions to create a product promotion v-blog on your blog site.

4. Script writing: Prepare a short script for your concept presentation.
4.1 Why have a script?
4.2 Answer the 'seven script questions' before beginning your script?
4.3 Write a short, 2min. maximum, script to describe your logo concept.

5. Blog Comment....Complete your blog comment for this lesson