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1. Podcasts Introduction.
1.1 What is a podcast (in your own words)?
1.2 What are advantages and disadvantages of podcasts?.
1.3 What are some creative applications of podcasts?.

2. Applied Podcasting 1.
2.1 Review this blog site and note the use of podcasts to enhance communications.
2.2 Select and play a podcast.

3. Applied Podcasting 2.
3.1 Read the blog post for April 13 - what software is being used for podcasting and what are podcasts 'great for'?
3.2 Go to and listen to a Negotiating Tip podcast.

4. Podcast Production.
4.1 Review the 15 steps in this article's 'television production sequence'. The principles also apply to Podcasts.
4.2 Use the following steps to create a podcast:
    4.2.1 Write questions that you will be asked in a short interview about a topic of your choice.
    4.2.2 Print and complete this "Podcast Production Sequence" form.
    4.2.3 Have a team member interview you using the digital recorder provided.
    4.2.4 Upload the interview to your blog site and add a text introduction and an image/icon.

5. Blog Activity....Complete the blog activity (4.2.4 above) for this lesson