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1. What is a Blog - write your answers to the following...
1.1 What are the differences between a blog and a website?
1.2 What is the blogosphere?
1.3 How might your blog and other people's blogs help in you in your future work?

2. Blog Sites - Examples of blogs maintained by designers...
2.1 Make a list of the benefits that these blogs may provide to you as an instructional designer.
2.2 Write a summary of a posting you found to be interesting.
2.3 Go to Feedster (  use 'instructional design' as a search term and find a blog you would recommend.

3. Enterprise Blogging - Rank the applications of blogs for instructional design...
3.1 There are 8 applications of blogs described in this article, rank the applications in order of their usefulness to an instructional design company.

4. Instruction Analysis - Analyse the application of interactive instruction in online examples....
4.1 Identify the websites that provide online information and those (if any) that provide interactive instruction.

5. Instructional Design - Complete this online lesson....
5.1 Write comments on the 'good' and 'bad' aspects of this instruction.
5.2 What type of audience (age, occupations, location, IT literacy, etc.)do you think this instruction was designed for?
5.3 What changes would you like to make to the graphic design of this instruction?