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Website design
29 November 2007
Document Sharing
Topic: All subjects
Here is an alternative to Scribd for hosting your assignments. Docstoc is a user generated community where you can find and share documents. Find articles from teachers and students and business documents. Upload your documents for all the world to share.

Posted by tonywh2 at 7:40 AM EADT
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22 November 2007
Digital Image Gallery
Topic: All subjects
Offering up 600,000 digital images that it’s got stashed away, The New York Public Library has found new life for its content, which can be used for videos and slideshows. The content is easily accessed for  the creation of your videos or slideshows.

Posted by tonywh2 at 9:21 AM EADT
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Create Group Videos
Topic: All subjects
Start a KALTURA group video project. Invite other students to upload images, music and edit the video together and them embed in your wiki and blog

Posted by tonywh2 at 9:15 AM EADT
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16 November 2007
File Sharing
Topic: All subjects is a web-based service for uploading and sharing any type of file, up to 100MB. It is really intuitive and easy to use: just add the files you want to upload, type a personalized URL, add an optionalpassword, select the expiration type, and click drop. Anyone who will be provided with the URL will be able to get the files without sending any email attachment or making long file transfers. Free to use, with no registration required.

Posted by tonywh2 at 7:36 AM EADT
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14 November 2007
Slideshow Creator
Topic: All subjects
MyPlick is a new site that lets you create slide shows and offer an interactive widget for viewers to navigate your slide show. Images, PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents and all sorts of files can be uploaded (at once) to create your slide show. Include audio along with your slide show to make a complete online presentation. You can also add notes for each slide, to provide additional information to viewers as the slide show plays.

Posted by tonywh2 at 7:36 AM EADT
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Slideshow Creator
Topic: All subjects
SlideRocket is a web application that provides everything you need to design professional quality presentations, manage and share libraries of slides and assets, and to deliver presentations in person or remotely over the web.

Posted by tonywh2 at 7:28 AM EADT
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11 November 2007
Video Creation
Topic: All subjects

Video is the language of the new millennium. This site will be used to help students and teachers begin to view video content creation in much the same way that we look at writing now.  There will be short “How To” videos on video. There will be sample videos. Eventually students will create content and upload it to the site, where teachers can critique and can help students. No content will be longer than 5 minutes.

Posted by tonywh2 at 11:04 AM EADT
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8 November 2007
Personal Start Page
Topic: All subjects
Protopage is your own personal page that you can use for quick access to everything on the web that you go to most. You can use it to: Read news from your favorite news sites and blogs: Keep bookmarks to your most frequently accessed web sites:  Organize your day with to-do lists and sticky notes: Create web pages, group pages, and intranets: And much more! Creating your page is easy and fun - simply drag and drop from a directory of hundreds of widgets containing everything from news headlines to sports scores to puzzle games.

Posted by tonywh2 at 9:11 PM EADT
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29 October 2007
Text To Voice Converter
Topic: All subjects allows you to record PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint files, ,RSS news feeds, emails and web pages, and converts them to speech automatically. You can download your recording as an iPod book or mp3 file. And every member gets a personal podcast URL , which you can use to download recordings to iTunes or your iPod. You can also easily share your recordings on your web site or blog using SpokenText Badges or individual recording players. And best of all it's COMPLETELY FREE! Register now.

Posted by tonywh2 at 10:09 PM NZT
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28 October 2007
Use A Search Cloud To Find Information
Topic: All subjects

Quintura, the visual search engine, has just launched a couple of new features, starting with a Hot News search cloud. This gives you quick access to items that are being searched the most on the web. You may appreciate Quintura’s other new feature–embeddable search cloud. You can embed a search cloud for any set of results you’d like, such as your own name, topics covered on your blog, etc.

Posted by tonywh2 at 6:23 PM NZT
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Online Photo Editing
Topic: All subjects

Flauntr actually offers three web-application solutions for photo editing: PhotoStylr, PhotoEditr, and PhotoProfilr. Each one is different in it’s approach to photo editing, and all three are free to use under one single site login.
PhotoEditr is the vanilla of the three, offering the user a variety of simple picture fixes such as red eye or blur and focus correction. PhotoStylr adds to the mix special effects, light effects, tone adjustments.. essentially the types of fixes you see in your standard photo library editor like Picasa. PhotoProfilr is the social component, allowing you to take a picture you’ve edited and load it to any social network, resized and compatible.

Posted by tonywh2 at 6:05 PM NZT
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26 October 2007
Mind Mapping Software
Topic: All subjects

Here is a new mindmapping tool.
WiseMapping is an online mind-mapping software that enables you to create mind maps and share them with your team. It uses SVG/VML instead of Flash or AJAX so you can create online mind-maps that are viewable in more browsers. You can invite other students to edit the map and, when it's finished, you can export it in multiple formats or publish it online.

Posted by tonywh2 at 9:47 AM NZT
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24 October 2007
140+ Search Engines
Topic: All subjects
A great research link to over 140 search engines and directories. The fact that most students don’t even consider switching Google for anything else doesn’t mean that there’s no innovation going on in the field of search. Quite the contrary; which can be seen from the list of search engines at this site.

Posted by tonywh2 at 8:28 AM NZT
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18 October 2007
Find Instructional Videos
Topic: All subjects
Here is tool for searching for instructional videos to assist your learning.

Posted by tonywh2 at 11:25 AM NZT
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17 October 2007
File Conversion
Topic: All subjects
If you're looking for a one-stop shop, file conversion service, then take a look at YouconvertIt. YouconvertIt lets you upload document, image, audio and video files and will convert them from one format to another. All you need to do is select the file from your computer, pick your target format, and the file will be uploaded and converted. Once the conversion is complete, you'll receive an e-mail containing a link to allow you to download it.

Posted by tonywh2 at 12:39 PM NZT
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13 July 2007
Using Colours to Search for Flickr Photos
Topic: All subjects
ColorFields colour palette enables you to search for Flickr photos by matching a colour from the palette. This is actually quite useful, especially if you’re a designer in need of images that’ll match the color of whatever you’re working on. 

Posted by tonywh2 at 5:51 PM NZT
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16 June 2007
Audio and Video Search Engine
Topic: All subjects
EveryZing is a search engine for audio and video resources. In addition to specific searches there is a wide range of categories to browse. Good for project resources.

Posted by tonywh2 at 9:52 AM NZT
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14 June 2007
Draw and Share Diagrams on the Web
Topic: All subjects
Use this free web service to create diagrams and drawings. Flowcharts, mindmaps, network diagrams, etc. Provides the html code for embedding your work in blogs, wikis and websites and URLs for creating links. Diagramming in your web browser without downloading additional software. Desktop application feel in a web-based diagramming solution. Add collaborators to your work and watch it grow.

Posted by tonywh2 at 10:47 PM NZT
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25 February 2007
Mind-mapping and Brainstorming Tool
Topic: All subjects
MindMeister, which is currently in private beta (enter your email and you might get an invite), is a new online mindmapping tool similar to, Gliffy’s web-based diagram service and Mayomi (now dead, it seems). There’s no doubt that it’s nicely designed and comes with some neat features: cut, copy & paste, undo and redo, font colors, a revision history, keyboard shortcuts, multi-user editing and the ability to import, export and save maps to the server.

Posted by tonywh2 at 8:36 AM EADT
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21 February 2007
Get Ideas and Start a Portfolio
Topic: All subjects

Here is a web service where you can view the creative works of graphic designers….a great source of ideas for your projects. You can create a portfolio of your projects and send it out to potential employers and colleagues. You can connect with designers and start creative dialogues with colleagues, friends, and other members. What inspires you? Start your inspiration book and share where you find your creativity.

Posted by tonywh2 at 5:13 PM EADT
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